huge aquarium...ideas?


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I have a huge 100 gal (i think) aquarium sitting in my basement unused with a nice wooden stand and hood.

ideas plz!!!! :eek:
I have a 125 Gallon 18" tall x 73" Long x 18" Deep, which I am going to insert a divide in the middle. Its going to be Dart Frogs (Azureus) in one side Pygmies in the other. Hoping to have it done by mid summer, I will probably set up a blog for it when I get all the plants and junk together.
I used my 10 gallon aquarium for my yellow spotted salamander, I made it into a living terrarium, you could definitely use it for pygs, salamanders, frogs, etc.
I know that it's not cham related, but Phantasticus would be fantastic IMHO.
(oh, and you can hire me to take care of them too. I'm cheap, I work for food. :p )

OR you could make a tropical ecosystem :D that would be a fun project, try to make it as much of a living ecosystem as possible and watch it thrive!
you could start to keep turtles in it! if you need any help with it just pm me :) sliders are great to start off with! or some musk turtles.
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