How to water Live plants without making a mess


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Do i have to take my plant out to water it or is there some type of drainage system i need??
you should be misting your cham regularly, so you could mist the plants at the same time. or set up a dripper and have it drip onto the plant.
most people use drainage.
2 of the plants in my cage i rotate out for when my guy gets a shower. and i let soil stop dripping before i put it back in the cage.
but for the most part my plants get enough water from the misting.

but i have a large cage and it has 2 drains in it.
not the most updated pics but there many posts where i put pics of my cage

it all depends on what kind of cage and size u use

some people drill a hole in the bottom of the cage, put a screen or something over it and put a bucket under it.
some use the walmart pullout drawer( 10$ )
i used 2 shower drains but not much drains out. and i mist the cage till it sounds like its raining in there 2 times a day and a lighter misting in the evening. i would mist more if the humidity went down or everything dryed out sooner but i dont like misting when things are still wet. mold = bad
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