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How do you know when pygs are gravid?
they get fat, and usually a light brown color (from the 3 gravid females i've delt with) they will usually stay in one spot and like other chameleons, can and do stop eating. in my experience they dig and lay at night or early in the morning.

you may not catch her digging at all, it usually isnt nearly as long as the process of larger chameleons, but egg laying may not be noticed. with that said, pygmy (brev) eggs can be left in the enclosure and can saftely incubate in the substrate of the tank. just keep an eye on the tank and watch for babies hanging out on stems and branches when the time comes!


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They get very round, so if you watch them a lot you'll notice she's bigger. My little female is always a light green and in the 2 weeks or so before she laid she took on a darker splotchy greenish brown. You'll really know when you think she's bigger and then all of a sudden she's not! I've yet to catch mine lay, or notice a change in feeding but they're pretty secretive about eating. I can only tell when she lays because she's really big one day and really thin the next.
just thought i'd add that just like "true" chameleons, brevs can also lay infertil clutches, and they can also become egg bound, so just make sure your supplimentating is suitable to the husbandry and lighting, and gutloading of your pygmy. some keepers use 5.0's, some just use daylight. whatever you use though will affect your supplimentation.

i'd also like to add that brevs can lay 1-6 eggs with 3-4 being an average


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yea i find holes that look like tunnels all over my tank but no laying of her eggs whatsoever not even sure if shes gravid but why holes?
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