How to tell if Dubia are breeding?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by SarahcoadunatioZac, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. SarahcoadunatioZac

    SarahcoadunatioZac New Member

    So as I'm sure you know and are tired of hearing me complain I can't get my roaches to breed, how can I tell? I bought 1k nymphs to feed off, so most are pretty small. I added heat recently, and noticed some -very- small nymphs. Would these be new babies? The 1k nymphs were about 1 1/2 months ago, so most are just over half an inch.

    Was just curious if I'll see left over ootheca or any telling signs besides tiny nymphs.

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Rango183

    Rango183 New Member

    you should mist atleast once a day and feediing oranges boost their reproducing,also what temp it should be from 87 to 90 f
  3. Raphael1047

    Raphael1047 Member

    Dubias grow at different rates, so this could be the older nymphs. It is hard to tell which is which, unless you see a large amount a white nymphs grouped up. This means they were just born. Also you most likely will not see the egg case since the babies eat it. I hope that you get nymphs faster than i did. How many adults do you have?
  4. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    new babies are the best sign of breeding adults :)
  5. SarahcoadunatioZac

    SarahcoadunatioZac New Member

    Thanks for the responses :) I havent counted since I don't want to disturb them too much but only a handful, about 10-15 females 5-8 males. Don't they give birth once a month on average?

    Also misting will cause mold won't it?
  6. pssh

    pssh New Member

    I only mist if I notice any shedding problems. They are pretty hardy and (for me at least) get all the water they need from veggies/fruits and water crystals.

    Like sandra said, tiny new nymphs are the best way to tell if they are breeding. You might also come across a newly birthed group that are white/grey with a female watching over them. I once watched two females give birth in the same "cup" in an egg flat and a third female came over to sit on top of the babies.
  7. SarahcoadunatioZac

    SarahcoadunatioZac New Member

    Wow, didn't know they had social behavior. Well thanks everyone :) I don't put any water crystals in, scared of my Melon getting one by accident.
  8. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Its okay for the roaches to have the crystals in their enclosure as long as there are none in the chameleon's cage.
  9. SarahcoadunatioZac

    SarahcoadunatioZac New Member

    Would orange slices do the trick? Or do they also need the water crystals?
  10. EvilLost

    EvilLost New Member

    I only quickly glanced the responses, so perhaps I missed something but...

    You don't have any adults? Nymphs don't breed and it takes them upwards of several months to reach breeding age.

    You should have adult males and females (Males have visible wings, Females don't). 1 male: 2.5 females is a ratio I use but you can experiment; you don't need 1:1. With heat (80F+) they breed within a month; you can usually tell by a huge burst of tiny guys.

    IMO, you should have crystals for them (no standing water). Orange slices or similar will work but you have to keep them fresh and its just not wroth the hassle compared to water crystals you "set and forget".
  11. SarahcoadunatioZac

    SarahcoadunatioZac New Member

    Well the Nymphs dig through the oranges to get to the little juice pockets, I've had them on only orange slices for moisture for about a month now, just swap them out when they get hallowed when I'm doing the food.

    No, I have about 30 adults. I'd like more, but the nymphs will eventually work that out for me. I just read they should give birth every month or so.

    Will grab some water crystals though along with my orange slices, also hear that chic feed helps them breed quicker?

    Thanks for the help everyone :)
  12. nightanole

    nightanole Avid Member

    Im keeping mine at 82f in the middle of the cage. They are breeding like crazy on ground up high end bird food (no corn) my dubia crack mix, and food processed and frozen old vegs.
  13. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Dubia only give birth every month or so if the conditions are right. They are able to delay birth until they find it a suitable time.
  14. birdlover71

    birdlover71 New Member


    I use fresh mixed greens and have the water crystals. I use Repashy Superload and Cricket Crack for dry which I have some in a separate container always available. I sprinkle a little on fresh greens when I feed them fresh food. I occasionally throw in oranges. I did throw in a grapefruit about two weeks ago they liked. I don't mist. I don't see a need they are shedding fine. They love apples which I give once a week.
  15. SarahcoadunatioZac

    SarahcoadunatioZac New Member

    Thanks for the help everyone :) I will keep at it!

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