How to tell a healthy chameleon from a sick chameleon

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Minpin1985, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Minpin1985

    Minpin1985 New Member

    Hello! I am hoping to find a healthy panther chameleon from a breeder at a local reptile show this weekend, and although I have done almost a months or more worth (every day, at least 3 hours on the web) of researching chameleon care, I have not been able to find out how to really tell a sick chameleon from a healthy one? I want to make sure to buy a healthy one so can you guys help me out and give me some tips to look for please? Or even pics? Thanks!:eek:
  2. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    Well there is no guarantee being that they are good at hiding illness but to name a few, sunken in eyes, dark circles around eyes, closed eye or eyes, skinny, sleeping during the day, mouth gaping frequently, not active runny or green poop.
  3. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    Visible pus or infection in mouth, bumps or discoloration on skin, bow legged( they should have nice straight limbs)
  4. camimom

    camimom New Member

    However, some chams arent as active as others. SOme may just want to find a branch and chill. so dont get scared if the cham isnt running around their cage. Make sure their eyes look alert and follow everything else suzi said.
    My cham Kink has a few days a week where all he does is sit in his basking spot and chill, other days hes cage cruising.
  5. Minpin1985

    Minpin1985 New Member

    Straight legs in baby chameleons?

    I have looked at pictures of healthy chameleons and noticed that the front two legs in baby chameleons (like camimom's pic) have one elbow in both front legs but the back two seem straight? Is that normal?
  6. camimom

    camimom New Member

    the back legs have knees, one in each leg. You just cant really see them in my avatar pic.

    take a look at the pics of my cham in this thread, you can see the legs, ignore the bump in one of his legs, that isnt normal.
  7. sdheli420

    sdheli420 Established Member

    lol..yes, the legs are healthy..also chams laying on the ground would signify a sickly one as well..

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