How to mist multiple terrariums

Hello! I am planning to create a reptile wall and had a quick question about misting. Rather than misting five terrariums once or twice a day I wanted to invest in a misting system. What systems DIY and not are available that I could mist multiple terrariums? I know about mistkings, ExoTerra Monsoon, and DIY irrigation systems. Would one of these work? I'm not set on one of these, they're just ones that I've heard of. Thanks in advance!

Klyde O'Scope

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Is there a mistking system that could run more than 10 nozzles?
  • Starter System: up to 10 nozzles
  • Ultimate System up to 20 nozzles
  • Advanced System 10-70+ nozzles
For details & to be sure everything is up to date, I would review them directly on the MistKing site, then shop price.

You can also contact MistKing directly through their site; they answered my questions promptly.
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