How to deal with the flies in my cricket keeper.

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    Is there any solution to deal with the small little flies that I get in my cricket keeper, and anything to deal with the smell. I clean it out religiously every 5-7 day.
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    well thats not often enough to get the dead ones live where is warm...keep them outside.

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    never thought of that.
  4. Welcome to the absolute worst aspect of chameleon keeping - bulk crickets means lots of dead stuff in the cricket container. That attracts our sworn enemy, the phroid fly.

    These little wretches are so vile, I can't fully describe how much I truly depise their entire evolutionary history.

    They thrive on warmth and moisture and death. Dead crickets, dead dubia, dead eggs - heck, maybe even good eggs, all attract these things.

    They are the reason you shouldn't put holes in your egg containers - nothing like finding an near-term egg pulsating with hundreds of maggots.

    They are easy to control, if your setup is done properly.

    Dry those SOB's out - keep your cricket bin well ventilated - do not try to shut them out - these flies will get in. The key is to make the conditions unsuitable to their larvae (technical term for: absolutely disgusting maggot that is merely a step above parasitic worms on the level of vileness).

    What works for me 100% of the time: A 100 Watt bulb suspended above my cricket bin 24/7. Keeps them warm in the winter, dries all the dead crickets. If you spill water, or some cricket bin detritus gets moist -they will move in - the heat lamp prevents this from happening. Make sure that the majority of the bottom of the bin is heated by the light - might take some trial and error.

    I switched to a 26 Watt CFL bulb this summer - cause it was getting warm. One weekend the phorids came in (open door). I noticed the dead crickets were moist on the bottom of the cage, and dumped th ewhole lot out in the yard - about 1000 pupae were stuck to the bottom, under the dead crickets. would have been BAD.

    BAck to a 100W bulb, no more maggots in the crickets... I need to put screens on my roaches, though...
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    If you can provide lots of hiding places for your crickets that will minimize the fighting for hiding places and then minizmize you crickets deaths.

    Hope that helps.


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