How old before they can produce eggs?


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I just recently found out that my cham is actually a female and not a male so I was wondering how old they have to be before they can begin producing eggs. I just want to be able to make sure I have the appropriate setup for her should she wind up with some eggs and nothing to do with them.
They reach maturity around 6 months generally speaking, people here have had chams produce non viable eggs that early I think. Most reduce diet and metabolism (via temp) to avoid it though.
So it sounds like mine could be right about there. They usually start hanging/digging around the bottom of their cage when they're looking for someplace to lay right?
From all accounts yes, my only female is just on 6 months and I have yet to deal with it myself. What species is it?
I would put an opaque container at least 12" deep x 12" x 8" filled almost full of washed playsand in her cage now and leave it there. That way you won't miss the sometimes subtle signs that she needs to lay.

Does she have the mustard/yellowish splotches yet?
She has been randomly spotted lately but not yellowish at all. Would she look more well plump if she had eggs?
Can you post a picture?

She could look more plump...but if she's going to lay a small clutch she might not be much different.
My female veiled doesn't even look like she has eggs except the time they were fertile. The way I can tell I weigh her once a week and she will roam all over the place.
Man having a cham was less complicated when I thought she was a he! Assuming they have eggs how long does it usually take for them to get situated and lay them in their bin?
Typical pregnancy for a veiled chameleon is 4 weeks/30 days/ 1 month varied a couple of days. I myself had a 6mth veiled fall pregnant with 32 eggs which are now hatching:)
Though i wouldnt advice it as my female died 3 days after laying the eggs:(
I myself will be waiting until my female is a year old before i let this one bread as no one likes to lose a chameleon...
Just my penny's worth!!!
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