How much?


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I have 1.1 veiled chameleons. The male doesn't eat much. The female eats as much as you will give her.

How much should I feed each animal? The female is just under 2yrs, the male over 2yrs.
With a male, I feed him enough that he doesn't get fat.

With a female, if she is constantly fed as much as she wants she will likely produce large clutches. Its said that producing large clutches shortens the female's life. IMHO she needs to be fed well when she's producing eggs because you want the babies and her to be healthy...and for a few days after she lays the clutch to help her recover, but if she's kept on a diet (not starvation) just after that (and lower the temperature slightly) until she starts on the next clutch, she should lay fewer eggs. I have some veiled females right now that are over 4 years old that have never laid an egg...but if I were to mate them and then start to feed them more they will likely lay a clutch of about 20-25 eggs that all hatch and produce healthy babies.
Well, that's what I thought. But, how many prey items? I've been doing about 8 crickets and 3 silkworms for her. Is that too much? She'll easily eat double that if I put it in the cage.
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