How much to feed?


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I found many places online that tell you WHAT to feed but none that tell you HOW MUCH to feed. my veiled is still very small and i dont want to overfeed him. ive been feeding him 4 - 5 small crickets daily but recently he started eating the plants that i have in his enclosure (which is good cause thats y i put them in there). i was wondering how many gutloaded crickets should i be feeding per day? i attached a picture of him so you can see how big he is(forgive the quality its just for size comparison). n e help would be appreciated

I would say 5-8 if they are the correct size (not to big). Should be no longer then the length between his two eyes. Not really a standard amount for feeding.

Once another 1"-3" the amount should be uped to around 10-15.

You could try the same thing with him now. Drop in a larger amount then what you have been feeding him. The number he devours quickly go with it. That is just how I start my chameleons out since I really could not find a specific amount.

The numbers I gave where in relation to how many mine would eat for those sizes. They are the same species.
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