how much to feed 5 month old veiled.

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by ghettomike, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. ghettomike

    ghettomike New Member

    ive got a approx 5 month old veiled Carmie, who loves to eat as much as i will give her. currently she eats about 8 to 10 medium crickets a day and usually a silk or butter or a few meal worms as well. im just wondering when i should reduce her feedings to every other day and how much she should be getting fed? i dont want her to go hungry or get fat.
  2. renzo0684

    renzo0684 New Member

    I would feed about 8-10 daily but thats it. I would also switch up the feeders not only crickets but use silk worms or horn worms. Stop using meal worms they cause your chameleon to get backed up because of their hard shell. Chameleons will over eat. Once she gets to about 8 months I would feed 10 crickets every other day
  3. boj3434

    boj3434 New Member

    sounds good to me but if you want get superworms they are alot better than mealworms but try and mix it up every once and awhile
  4. Lucio

    Lucio New Member

    Unfortunately, meal worms are no good for chams. Super worms work fine. They look like giant meal worms. They are most likely too big for your cham now though. Other than small crickets and wax worms, most insects that are good for your cham are too big for juveniles to eat. Make sure you dust the crickets with D3 calcium and be stingy with the wax worms. When he gets bigger your choices will really start to expand.
  5. renzo0684

    renzo0684 New Member

    If you are gonna tell them to dust please tell them how to dust not only will they use D3 calicium they will use calcium w/o d3 and a multivitamin. This is a good schedule to keep on the dusting...

    MON-FRI--Calcium w/o d3
    SAT-- nothing
    SUN-- Alternate calcium w/d3 and a multivitamin
  6. ghettomike

    ghettomike New Member

    thanks for the replies. so ill keep feeding daily for a few more months and then drop down. i am already on that dusting schedule. Now about the super worms, is there anything i need to do with them b4 feeding them to her, i have heard that the shell is very hard and it is possible for a cham to eat it and not kill it right away and then it can bite its insides??? is this correct? ill have to wait till shes a bit bigger for them anyways i guess.
  7. renzo0684

    renzo0684 New Member

    I was feeding supers at 5 months I would pick out smaller ones and feed them off. Thats a myth about the supers not dying right away and eating your cham from the inside. Just use supers as a treat maybe like on a saturday where you dont have to dust. If you feed them to much your cham may become addicted to supers and refuse other feeders
  8. Lucio

    Lucio New Member

    We put the super worms in a small "creature container" with the stuff they already come packaged with. It's a substance that looks kind of like dry oats. Anyone know what it's called? We then add a little Flukers High Calcium Cricket Diet and Flukers Calcium Fortified Cricket Quencher as a source of moisture/water. The quencher cubes tend to dry out quickly but a drop of water or two should rehydrate them. We figure between the two food sources they are getting atleast slightly more nutritious than they came. You should be able to find those products for around four bucks a piece. The 16oz containers should last for six months to a year. We give that to the crickets aswell.
  9. Weggus

    Weggus New Member

    I'll admit that I am new to Chams but I decided that to eliminate the possibility of internal damage, I will behead superworms/mealworms first.
    Any thoughts on how many silkworms equals a cricket?

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