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I have 2 Chameleon, a male Jackson and a Female Veiled.

What are you recomendations for feeding?

I feed 7 crickets and 3 mealworms to my Jackson and 10 crickets and 4 mealworms to my Veiled every other day.

Is that excecive or it is to little? And how much greens should I give the Veiled.

how old are your chameleons? Age has alot to do with it. If your chameleons are adults, then every other day is good but I would give about 6 or 7 feeders total. Mealworms are not the best and there are other alternatives such as silks, or horns, even supers. Has your female ever laid an infertile or fertile clutch of eggs?. If you cut back on her food, it will help with her not laying eggs.
I'm not shure about their age, my Jackson seems to be almost full grown, He is about 8 inches long, the Veiled is a little bigger that Jackson but I think is younger because of the size that the veiled actually reach.

This is a Picture of my Jackson Ziggy

This is my Veiled Hermione.

Let me know.

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