How much do chameleons go for at NARBC?


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Hey, im going to NARBC this saturday at arlington and i was wondering how the prices were for babies and young adults? I heard the prices are really good and i was wondering if anyone had experinece with these guys
I'll be there too! I was gonna wait till then to purchase a Cham from there.. But I ended getting one from reptoman! Lol I posted pics up of them.what kind were you thinking of getting them. And I also started a thread about pricing, it is cheaper because you save shipping costs.
Yeah panthers have I wider range of prices. I payed 100 for my veiled :/ but she's awesome so it evens out. Where in the metroPlex are you?
Yeah I know where that's at. I'm in carrolton quite a bit. Hey if your looking for a place to house a veiled I have a new reptarium I'm trying to sell/trade
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