How many silkworms and how fast do they grow?


So Im going to buy a couple hundred 1/4 inch crickets,
But I also want to get some silkworms. If I buy 200 1/2 inch silks how long would they last a 3-4mnth old panther cham?

How fast do they grow? If I bought 500 would they get to big before he could eat them all?

My son will have a baby beardie that can eat some of them as well so surplus isnt to big a deal with the insects.Its more of a size factor, I dont want to just throw them out either.

What about butterworms? Or those soldier grubs?

Lil nasty

I'd make sure ur Cham even likes them first, I got 50 for my 2 lizards I think that size and some still went to waste, plus u will need extra silkworm food because they will run out, I wouldn't recommend that many, they will be 2 big in a couple weeks


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I agree with the other member here. I would get like 50 or 100 max to start. You can slow their growth by not feeding them everyday. If you get one of the pods then they will have access to food 24/7 and you will have no control over what they eat. If you buy the chow then you can feed them every other day or so. Get the smallest ones they sell for your size cham.


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i think it all depends on how much food is available, the more food they get the faster they will grow, so i wouldnt get TOO many silkies. 200 is high so go with what carol and lil nasty said and get 50 and if your cham gobbles them up then you can get a bigger order next time


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In addition, SilkWorms are very fragile. They can spoil easily. I can't even feed off 1 pod to both my chams. They spoil too fast because they easily get infected by germs. Everything you stick into them literally has to be sterile or mold will grow. They're a pain in the butt. I buy the least I can like the other members do. I use them a lot to hydrate my chams who are fussy drinkers...


Thanks so much, Im glad I asked or would have wasted my money.
The reason I want to buy in bulk is because we dont have a local petstore.I can get my hubby to pick some crickets or mealies up in a pinch but that petstore charges alot for each cricket and mealworm.
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