How many peoples chams eats soil?


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Has it been debated on why chams eat soil? I see alot of threads about peoples chams eating soil, mine did this also. I put an end to it by blocking the soil, but I cant cant help myself but wonder why they do it.

I know many animals do it for better digestion, like birds eating gravel. Some say its a sign of vitamin deficiency. What ever the reason, alot of them seem to be wired to do so, I am thinking it could be better to just let him do it (with good quality earth)

Is there any useful links or any kind of info available on this subject? Please share!

I have had one veiled, two Jackson's, two panthers and 14 bearded pygmies. The only one I've observed eating soil is the veiled, and she's very particular about it:rolleyes: - there are two trees in the yard around which she likes to eat the soil; doesn't care for the stuff in the plant pots or the garden. And she always insists on backing up and shooting it, so it takes me a minute to figure out she's eating dirt again and not small bugs that I'm not seeing.
IMHO if the chameleons naturally eat soil it shouldn't be a problem as long as the soil they are eating doesn't cause an impaction....but how do you know what soils will cause an impaction until after it happens????????

Here's a thread about geophagy (dirt eating) and other animals....

Solid link, thank you, i will be doing lots of reading and decide on if i let him eat it.
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