How many hornworms?


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I got a few hornworms for bobbers. I was just wondering how many or often I can feed these to him? He is now on a diet of crickets, silkies, mealworms and hornworms. He doesn't seem to take to the crix but loves the worms. By the way, I never believed people when they said hornworms explose.......................Boy was I suprised. Anyways They are a great bug to feed, Mr.,Bobbers Is so picky, he went right down for these guys.
When we get hornworms for our chameleons, I usually give them one a day till the batch is gone, usually in 5 days. They get that about once a month.
i like to keep hornworms on hand for a variety, i love the moisture content for the chameleons, on average i would say a few of my chameleons that like them get hornworms about 3-4 a week.
I gave one to Mr.Bobbers today and it got stuck to his vine while he was trying to pull it off. Although while it stuch he sucked all the juices out of it. I fed the rest to my froggies. It was kinda gruesome. Will this hurt his tongue? I usually try to yank it off the vine but didn't get to it in time.
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