How Many Eggs on Average do Chameleons Lay?


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I have a Veiled Chameleon, she is about a year and a half old, tiny for her age as i believe her size might have been stunted from previous owner not carrying for her. Never been housed with a male, I've had her for a year. She began to dig last Thursday...would take a break, go back down and dig in her substrate. On Sunday I bought a five gallon bucket and play sand. Did a mixture of about 70% play sand to 30%substrate with peat moss. She began digging in that right away. This morning, she was perched by her heat light, so i misted her really good and glanced in the bucket and could see 6 eggs, I wasn't going to dig around because i didn't want to disturb her nest. I'm going to leave her be, but on many eggs will they lay? I would say she is only 6 inches long, excluding her tail. I don't know if the size of the cham really matters to how many eggs she will lay. I just want to know if i need to take her to the vet, i don't want her to become egg bound.


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In part it depends on how much you feed them at certain times during their cycle. They can lay no eggs or more than 100. Smaller clutches are said to extend their lives.
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