how many crix?


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hello everybody! As you all know I just got a new veiled named Irwin. I am just wondering how much he should be eating. i put like 20 crix in there a day and he eats everyone of them:eek:fatty. Anyways I don't think I should be feeding him everyday but if I don't he goes looking for buggies in the morning. Also I have a 2.0 and a 5.0 bulb in there with a 100 watt basking bulb. He gets misted about 5x a day for about 10 minutes each time. I have an ivy a pothos and a scflerra(spelled wrong), and they keep drying up and dying. Any suggestions. Oh yes and the little bugger won't eat worms (not even hornworms). He is about one year old. Beautiful little bugger.
He is one years old now. For older chameleon, I usually feed them about 10 - 15 large cricket every other day. Dust them nicely. Don't you water you plant? of course they will dried out. Maybe your chameleon is too full to feed on worms. Try to feed them every other day and then place some worms in the enclosure and see if he wanna eat.
I have been feeding my 2 year old jackson's everyday and usually in the morning. He will eat anywhere from 5-8 large gutloaded crix per day, but I try to limit it to 40 per week if I can. I have had no success with worms either, I gave up for now.
Try Collard Green Leaves in cage.

To Niki:
I, too have had no success in the past with real plants in my cage set-up,

My solution: Currently, I have a large Silk artificial Photo plant in my Veil's cage. However, I do supplement him with real leaves to eat is by hanging freshly washed Collard Green leaves around the top of the fake tree leavese every morning. My Veil learned quickly which leaves are real and good to eat and which ones are obviously fake and unedible. I always take out the old Collard Green leaves every morning and put new ones in. I usually mist the Collard Greens in his cage twice daily to increase the overall humidity in his cage and to provide extra moisture in the real leaves that he eats!!

yes I water my plants:)Anyways I will try to feed him every other day lol. He is quite the fatty. So I feed him everyother day with calcium without d3 and once a week with d3 right?
I have a question. How do you guys distribute the crix each time? I setup my enclosure so that I can release the crix 1 at a time and the cham can track it along a system of branches until he snaps it up. I usually dont have a bunch of them running around in the enclosure though, is that bad? I figured having set eating times (in the 7am/5pm) was good because I could know how much he is assured that he is eating...and get the most money out of my crix.

But I feel like he may lose the urge to "hunt" and would become more dependent. But he is living in captivity...
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