How long?


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I live in Texas and it's starting to get really nice outside so I am curious is there a certain amount of time that you should leave a chameleon outside?

And hour? Whole day?

I have a smaller cage that's outside with a plant in it and half of the cage is in the shade and other half in sun, so jut curious about how much my veiled can be out there for.


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I leave my chameleons out all summer starting in the spring when night temps climb above 50 and ending in the fall when night temps climb below 50.


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I live in Florida and my chameleon spends a good part of the day outside. His cage has sunny spots and shady. You have to have a place for them to get out of the sun and cool down. I don't leave mine out at night. I mean I could, cause the temps are fine, but I am always worried about something trying to eat it in the middle of the night. I have a dripper and I will mist the cage down if it gets too warm.

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Orignial Poster, Im also in Texas. My crew got spend all day Sunday outside while I was cleaning their indoor cages. As long as you provide plenty of water during the hottest parts of the day they will be fine outside. When the temps start creeping over 90 thats when you have to be worried about overheating and such. For the next cpl of months things should be perfect for outdoor sunning.;)


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Do you keep them all in the sun or partial shade sun?

You have a mister to?

Yes- I put the cages out in full sun, but I cover the tops so they have plenty of shade always in part of the enclosures, and sun comes in through the south sides of the enclosures, so there is always sun available as well.

And yes- I use misters. The kind sold for cooling your patio actually, with one nozzle per cage. I have them set on timers and depending on the time of summer and the weather, they come on from a couple of hours to several hours per day. I always aim the misters so the lizards can get directly in the mist, or move away and find plenty of space to dry out in both shade and sun, so they can choose what they want (wet and cool, dry and shade and dry and sun). Most summers our day temps here are mid-upper 80s with a handful climbing into the 90s. Last summer was a scorcher for us- most day temps well into the 90s with many days upper 90s. Some days my misters were on from 11:30am to 7:30 or 8pm.

Mellers, panthers, veileds, jacksons- all do fine for me in this type setup.


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This is our guest outside tree far I'm thinking she's enjoying it..I never thought about just bribing the whole enclosure outside..
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