How long will panacur last?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by adamkwas, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. adamkwas

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    How long will panacur last in, or out, of the fridge?


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  2. kinyonga

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    You need to ask the vet you got it from since each batch has a shelf life.
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  4. ChromaChameleons

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  5. ChromaChameleons

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    BTW.. those horse tubes come in a box with an expiration date . Last one I got , i think , was dated about 1 year forward.
  6. adamkwas

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    Thanks for the links, Harry.

    I have my own microscope; so I'm thinking next time I get some WC's in I'll threat them myself.

    Have you used to Petsmart panacur before? Pros, cons?

    Thanks again,

  7. ChromaChameleons

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    Hi Adam. I have used generic pouches of 22% granules and its much better than the paste to cut with water. The Petsmart product is 22% fendbendazole ( Panacur) and was recommended by someone when the generic granule pouches were unavailable. My understanding is that is the same product as the manufacturers generically labeled pouches, just packaged as a canine dewormer.

    The manufacturers pouches became unavailable because they were deemed to be requiring of a vet prescription. The same thing happened to Teramycin and metronidazole several years ago . Given time, these items usually reappear quietly , until the vet industry gets crazy about it again.

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