How long should she be in her tunnel


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Hello everyone! I am new to this site. I am also new to breeding chameleons.
I have a female veiled cham that is around day 28 with eggs I noticed yesterday that she was up and down in her enclosure more then usual..
So I put her in her lay bin (garbage can with sand/soil mix) Well around 11:00 in the morning she started digging around 12:00 I peeked and saw her tail poking out of the hole still digging.
That was the last I have seen her and it's now almost 3:30 the next day.
I heard her scratching around abit this morning but now quite again.
Part of me wants to dig her up but I don't want to disturb anything either.
Is this normal?
should I just leave her and be patient?


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I would just leave her in there. Do not disturb her or she may abandon the hole. If this happens too many times she could become egg bound and she is already exerting enough energy for the one hole it sounds like.

How deep is the laying medium?

Texas Panther Man

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Leave her in there until lights out tonight then after lights are off and she asleep I would check to see if she laid and covered the hole. Just what I'd do at this point.;)
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