how long generally can a chameleon go without uvb before its harmful???im


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Im not saying i have a chamelelon that doesn't have a light i was just honetly curious.. plus there's a lady on ksl that's selling a pygmy and she said its hasn't had a uvb for three months.


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Its a slow process that gives them MBD, you should provide it every day for them. But i guess a few days would hurt them that much, maybe affect their digestion


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Its said that pygmyies don't need if that's true...I guess they can go forever without it. (I always gave mine some you need to hear it from someone who hasn't.)

As for veileds and panthers and other "sun-loving" chameleons...there's no definite length of time. It also depends on whether they are getting D3 from supplements or from something that the insects ate IMHO.


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From what I've read it's still unsure whether pygmy's require UVB but most people including myself use a 2.0 UVB just to be safe.


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Well, technically you could never give them UVB if you figured out the perfect supplement schedule for the animal, but that sounds really really really hard.


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I know very little about Pygmy chameleons but I do know Steve Irwin said they live on the forest floor amongst the leaf litter.

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if such a tiny creature spent its life rustling through leaves under the cover of a lushfully large forest canopy that very little sunlight would be greeting them with a hello? I wonder how evolution has worked on their tiny little bodies to make them efficient ray catchers? Is it possible they are getting all they need from the ambient light of the forest floor?

I think this thread could be on to something but I am always a geek for science.


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pygmies look like dead leaves. do dead leaves absorb sunlight? how often do you go tanning on the forest floor under leaves? Ive tried. not very efficient.


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There is uvb even in the shade of trees so they have to get some. I have pygmy's and I don't provide uvb.


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pygmies look like dead leaves. do dead leaves absorb sunlight?.............

Dead leaves are Not pygmy chams, resemblance is irrelevant. Patches of sunlight on the forest floor would provide ample uv, living creatures move of their own volition.

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