How long can a veiled chameleon go without food?

I REALLY need to know this! Most of the time I always go to Cali to visit family and I usually stay there for 2 or 3 days... I was always thinking about this because idk who can take care of my chameleon for me. The only thing my parents can do is turn on and off the lights. They don't want to touch my crickets because they don't like bugs. I don't even know if they know when to mist my cage... Do you guys know how long my Chameleon can go without water too?
He's not going to die over one weekend without food or water. Make sure he's well hydrated especially and well fed before you leave. Maybe leave your dripper on slow drip and fill it up so it drips for a long time so it lasts part of the time you're gone. I have dumped extra crickets in the cage for when I'm gone, but make sure you also leave some veggies in he cage too so the crickets don't munch on your Cham if they get hungry.

Finding a reliable pet sitter is the best option though, especially if you wil be gone a lot.
He should be fine for a couple of days. They can go without food longer than water. If you had a auto mister, like the mistking you would have to worrie about that. And like farret said, just put a few more feeders in the cage before you leave. Thats what I do.
Until about 6 months of age they eat more than they do as adults. Just as an idea - my first female, Lily, went for 10 days without eating anything before she laid her eggs, yet she still found the energy to dig the hole, lay her eggs and cover it all back in again after, bless her. They really are amazing creatures!
I wouldnt worry about food. They can go for several days without eatting even as juvies. But i wouldnt leave him all weekend without water. He needs his cage misted at least once a day minimum. I'd tell the parents to mist him very heavily once a day while I was gone. Maybe tell them to do it twice a day and hope they do it once. Be sure to show them before you leave how to properly mist him. That they need to make sure all the leaves are dripping wet and spray him also til he starts drinking. He should be fine then until you return. He will prob be starvin like Marvin though. lol
I've missed 3 days or so all different days none like in a row. But I figured in the wild they wont catch food every single day. I duno just my thinking.
You can try to keep extra wormy snacks in the feeding cup too!
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