How hard headed can they be?


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Hey everyone, hope you are all enjoying your friday!

I have a quick question here, to what point can a panther chameleon go on a cricket strike? I am refusing to give in, all he wants is silks and horns since I introduced them.

But now its at the point where i come back home and not one single cricket has been eaten.

But he snatches worms out of my hand in a second!

He looks thinner than usual cause he used to eat until he had a bulge. How long can he go without food safely until he gives in on the crickets?

being 6 months old and well hydrated
very hard headed! Good luck! Mine has been on a cricket strike for about 6 months! I just gave up. He eats a variety of worms and some moths that hatch from the worms when they cocoon and he seems to be doing just fine. A healthy adult cham can go weeks without food as long as he is drinking, but you have a growing 6 month old so I wouldn't hold off on feeding him for too long.
Well, if they dont eat anything for a week or two, then it becomes dangerous. But there are a large variety of worms, and if they like one kind of worm, they like all of them. My veiled despises crickets and only eats worms.
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