How easily do Jackson's breed?


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I have a pair of Jackson's and they had been kept together before we inherited them. How easily do they breed? I would truly rather have 2 chameleons than more, so I am hoping that they have not bred. Are there signs to look out for just in case they have and I need to prepare for little ones?

I don't really know how old they are, I was told about 5 months when we got them, we've had them about a month now.

I have pictures of them posted on another thread named, "Another Newbie" dated July 26. I tried to post those pics to this one, but I don't know how.

Thanks for any help.


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assuming your age estimate is correct, you are probaly ok, i think its probably unlikey there has been a successful copulation before the age of 9-10 months, (which is too early anyway) and even in the unlikely event there has been , i think its unlikely that the female would continue to tolerate the male, (assuming we are dealing with normal size cham cages, greenhouse or large outdoor setup maybe) / by 6-7 months you need to start thinking about housing them seperately anyway (unless they are in a very large enclosure)


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Thanks so much. I have them housed seperately now, but she is getting kinda round in the middle so I was a little worried. Neither of the chams are very large, they are still about 5-6 inches from head to tip of tail, so I am thinking that they aren't very old, hopefully the age I was given is correct. Right now they are on a diet of 1-2 crickets every day each, so hopefully the roundness in the tummy is just her being at a healthy weight.

Like I said, I am not sure, but I did post pictures on another posting with them and my 2 yr old son for a better idea.

Thanks again for the help, I am sure I'll be beck with more questions, but hopefully not about breeding!!! I'll leave that up to the experts if I can! hahhaaa :D


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The female can have a gravid color. When mine is open she is green. When she's gravid she get a mottled look of greens and browns.
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