How do you train a cham to cup feed?

Brad Ramsey

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Just keep the food there...the cham will figure it out.
What kind of cup are you using and where have you placed it in the enclosure?
1. Feed him in the area were you are going to place the cup(maybe put a worm there).
2. After he is used to doing that for a while, put a cup gthere, and show the food in front of the cup.
3. Sart to put the food into the cup, and see if he goes for it.
4. also, leave food in it on a regular basis, and he should get the hang of things.

I hope this helps:)



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The cup is a small plastic opaque container suspended on a branch. I placed it near the basking area in hope she sees the food. She is not coming down the vines to hunt on the floor, so i thought i would try cup feeding, I still place food on the ground too.
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