How do you keep your crickets?


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Just trying to think of a new way to keep my crickets. I have one of those stupid Kricket Keepers and those things are terrible. They don't let air to circulate and they don't allow you to keep more than like 50 medium crickets at a time. Tell me how you keep your crickets.
I just use a large "tall" Gladware container and poke holes in the sides of circulation. I keep around 150 crickets per container.
I use a 10 gal, paper towel on the bottom i use two tubes that i got with my cricket keeper and the dished for my water gel things and a few toilet paper roll. Gut load fresh veggies and fruits and gotta get ya some cricket crack.. and that's about 6 dozen at a time.. the one thing i use my keeper for is crickets while cleaning the tank which for me is twice.. i really hate crickets lol
I use petpals...plastic containers with ventilated lids...about 15" x 12" x 8" (just guessing....didn't measure). I put over 600 crickets in it (the remainder of the box is kept separately to feed to my critters). I add into the petpal broken up egg cartons that come with them in the box of 1000 and some gutload/food laying on top of the egg cartons. I rarely lose any. I keep the petpals in the basement where the temperature would be in the low 70's all the time.
I crudely constructed mine with a butcher knife to cut the sides and top out and hot glued *metal* screen over the cutouts. I had soft screen at first and it was bug central at my house when they started chewing through it. I toss in fresh greens along with my dry mix just anywhere and gel cubes in a jar lid. I don't put anything on the bottom, just wipe it out once a week. I keep about 500 crickets at a time so they pretty much devour every bit of food in there - minimal cleanup and good ventilation = hardly any smell.

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this is what i do too ferret! i have a slightly bigger version of this that holds 1000 plus! took me a few tries to get it right, first i didn't have enough vents, then i had the NON metal screen too.....crickets escaped EVERYWHERE, i didn't sleep for a week! like you said the more ventilation the better!
Haha, there is nothing worse than that one chirping cricket that lodges itself behind your nightstand that you just can't get to! Metal screen was something I learned the hard way is a MUST.
I did the same as ferret's picture but i cut the side panel super high so they crawl out when it is open sometimes.

I get a batch of gutload things and BLEND IT AND FREEZE IT in some ice trays. Pop em out, let em de-thaw, throw em in with the feeders and rehydrate it with water if necessary. Crickets= :mad::mad: they are so annoying. My cham just chomped a huge dubia roach. Those are easy feeders and they will breed like mad if you get a heat mat and put it in a cupboard.
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