How do you keep plants alive for a panther?


I have a mister with pothos, spider plant, umbrella and a dracaena but they don’t look so good or dead. How do you water your plants? Do they need plant lights?

Klyde O'Scope

Chameleon Enthusiast
They definitely need plant lights. This one is excellent:

You also need to learn a little botany. Different plants (species) have different needs (light, watering, soil, feeding) just like reptile species have different needs.

How you water depends on even more variables. I run 2 min. misting sessions; any longer and water just runs down to the drainage bucket. Yet some of my plants (the Schefflera arbicola in particular) are quite bushy, so the mist doesn't get to the pots, and they get watered weekly. Each setup is likely going to be different.
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