How do you Handle a cham that hates!!


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My veiled cham is 4 months old.... and he absolutely hates me... I have tried to hold him a few times... trying to help him adjust, but the last time he bit me and he flew out of my hand and that was the final straw.... I just don't want him getting hurt or stressing I decided no more... I would be contentwith letting live a happy chamy life...

But how does one get them out of their home without hurting them to clean the cage out.... I keep it up everyday but I need to clean the vines and the leaves up top... and when I have tried to do it with him in there he freaks out....

Any suggestions?


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I've had problem chameleons before that just do not tolerate being handled. Some approaches I've used is a 'handling stick'. I just get a branch with several arms to it and just use one hand to 'corral' him onto it. Another way is simply remove the entire plant in it's cage while the chameleon is perched on it. Then just place it in a temporary holding cage until cleaning is complete.
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