How do I stop being a selfish turd?


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I was supposed to get a Nosey Be x Nosey Boraha baby this week. I then asked to move the shipping date to the 21st (or the week of the 21st). I then had to ask to cancel shipping outright and pick a baby from a different clutch (one that wouldn’t be ready until late October - November or so). I made this decision as my circumstances have changed and I will most likely be away from home a lot for the next 2 months at least. Given that the cham I was initially supposed to get was only 3 months old, I feel I made the smartest choice,

So why do I regret it?

I was actually looking for an Ambanja when I first reached out to the breeder. Nosey Boraha wasn’t at all on my radar - I didn’t even know that specific locale existed. Sadly, the breeder has no plans to do any more crosses with his Boraha male and is still on the lookout for a pure female (I suspect they will be looking for a Nosey Boraha girl for a long time). I nearly reneged and asked the breeder to still ship him to me anyway, but ultimately I knew that would not be fair to the chameleon. I did ask if he found a home, and he did. He sold. I’m the one that made the decision to let him go, but I still feel like someone else has my baby cham. I saw a picture of him at 2 months and immediately formed an attachment (he’s actually the baby in my display picture. 😭).

It isn’t as though I won’t still be getting an equally amazing, special chameleon instead. I guess I’m just hung up on the first baby I had my heart set on, and I’m trying to get over it. This is what I get for developing an emotional attachment to pictures of animals i haven’t seen in person. 🙄 I’m almost afraid to ask the breeder for pics of my new baby in case something else comes up (one can only take so much disappointment).

Advice? Any similar stories about experiencing a personal setback that kept you from getting the chameleon you had your heart set on?
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I’m sorry you won’t be getting him. Its a loss and you have to process it and you will and you’ll get past it. Just give yourself some time.

Thank you for this! I hadn’t even considered that it was a loss, I just figured I was being unreasonable. I’ve managed to change my perspective on things quite a bit. I’m sure by the time thr baby I ended up going with instead is ready to ship, I won’t even be thinking about this first experience. Thank you again for your kind words 💙
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