How do I sex a panther?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Breeding' started by RhettusMaximus, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member

    Just bought an ambilobe panther chameleon and was wondering how to sex it since the people at the store i got it from didn't seem to know how. Is sexing a panther chameleon just like sexing a veiled? Will a panther have a spur on the back of the foot if it's male? What are some easy ways to sex baby panther chameleons? The one I have is about 3 months old it looks like.
  2. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    here is a good article:
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  3. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member


    Thanks for the article. The guy at the petstore told me that it would have a spur if it was a male and i said i think that's just veileds. He says it's with both, but looking at pictures it doesn't look like they have spurs haha. My cham is starting to get alot of specs of crimson on it, especially where the beard is.

    From what the article said it's hard for me to tell at this point. This morning my cham was grey but now this afternoon the cham is orangeish with lots of red coming in in certain places... I'll have to post pics of it when i get them.
  4. Brad Ramsey

    Brad Ramsey Retired Moderator

    "The guy at the pet store" :rolleyes:
    Panthers do not have a spur.
    The tail base will be larger on a male to accomodate the hemipenal glands.

  5. lele

    lele New Member

    they do not have spurs, you are correct that it is only veiled chams.

    Do you know how old it is? The bulge of the male hemipene can show as early as a few months. If you go here and look at the "boy?" photos you can see the blue in Cy's cheeks and the little bulge at the base of his tail (sorry I can't include photos, webshots doesn't hyperlink). He was three months old. He is a Nosy Be so not sure about the coloration (showing blue in cheeks) but if yours is much more than a few months, and a male, I would think the hemipene would be noticeable. If you can post pics of that area I am sure someone can help you sex him/her.
  6. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member


    I will have pictures posted in about an hour and half, can someone tell me how to post a picture on a reply to a thread?
  7. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Veileds are not the only chameleon species where the male has spurs...but panthers do not have spurs for sure! Gracefuls, some flapnecks, C. africanus and a few others have spurs.

    The tail base should let you know even at a fairly young age.
  8. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member


    I just realized i'm at 99 posts, and now i'm at 100 haha. Besides that, someone look at the pictures and tell me what you think!
  9. Chase

    Chase Avid Member

    If I were to guess I would say female. But this is my guess. :)
  10. lele

    lele New Member

    oops! I guess I should have clarified that I meant b/t those two (veiled & panther) as I certainly do not know anything about any other chams! :confused: Thanks for catching that, k ;)
  11. Kent67

    Kent67 Retired Moderator

    Pretty sure the advanced rostral process development and the full tail base mean you've got a male there. Bet you can't wait to see him get color!
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  12. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member


    I'm hoping he's a baby boy! Thanks alot pal!
  13. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member

    second opinion

    anyone care to give a second opinion?
  14. Looks like a boy to me!! I'd say about 3 ish months old.
  15. chameleon dreams

    chameleon dreams New Member

    i don't know i think I'm going to disagree and say i think its a female. the base of the tail realy is not that fat, i could be wrong let me know how it turns out.
  16. Dean Pulcini

    Dean Pulcini Avid Member

    Looks like a female to me the tail looks thin, I could be wrong and should have a hint of color if it were a male.
  17. RhettusMaximus

    RhettusMaximus New Member


    he has alot of the color green coming in and a long lateral white stripe on the side now. I don't really think it's female... i'll have to post pics that show "it's" color a bit better.
  18. Lancecham

    Lancecham New Member

    Sometimes at that age, it is hard to tell, especially before the males begin to get their color. Based on the size, I would say a male. A female should have a lot of peach colors.
  19. rcagosto

    rcagosto New Member

    leaning towards female

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