How Can I Tell If An Egg Is Fertilised


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Hey, My Veiled Chameleon Just Laid Her Second Batch Of Eggs Last Night (62) And I Was Trying To Mate My Two Chameleons And I Was Wondering How I Can Tell If The Eggs Are Fertilised Or Not? I Am Attaching A Photo Of The Eggs To See If You Can Tell Visually, Any Help Would Be Great Thanks.


if you hold one of them up to the light you might be able to see some type of embryo...if you dont, dont just asume that theres nothing may want to start incubating them anyway.
The eggs don't look well-calcified. Good eggs tend to be bright white and less shiny like the eggs in the photograph. Having said that, continue incubating them as if they were good. They will go bad if they are infertile.

Good luck.
I incubate my eggs in a rubbermaid shoe size container with vermiculite and perlite mix just enough distilled water to where it just clumps. I put 2 pinhead size holes on top. I leave them on a shelf in my closet in the dark and keep at a temp. of 72 to 78 degress. I have 2 clutches incubating now. I have succesfuly hatched 5 clutches . I lost only one clutch of eggs because they were not fertile. You will know they will start molding and shrinking a couple of days later. I hope this helps you a little bit. Also you can look on It has a lot of useful information.
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