How am I supposed to sleep?? Lol


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So I go my new little dude tonight. :) yayy! I'm very excited. Actually the guy that delivered him was lauging at me "you're like, GIDDY!" haha. And I am. Lol.
Anyways, he looks pretty good, I think. I was expecting him to look rougher, and acting more freaked. But he's not too bad. I was thinking he'd either be frozen in fear, or franticly scrambling away, but he actually seems surprisingly chill. He's not really scared of my hands, which surprised me, when i had to move him from sack to explorarium, then from that to new home cage. I have the feeling he's not "fresh off the plane", but has actually been hangin it at the wholesaler for a little bit maybe.
But he seems to be digging his new home quite a bit. He's been climbing around, checking things out. But not in a frantic way. I've seen him drinking several times. He shot his tongue out at the end of this leaf that was against the wall shortly after I put him in, must have been a bead of water on the end, it was very exciting to see that tongue at work!! :)
Hasn't been interested in food yet. I tried a few different kinds of bugs, placed them on branches near him. Cricket crawled right on him 30 seconds after I put it in there. Superworm dangled from vine, and managed to make it like 8 inches up the vine like that, dangling, and crawl on my little dude to the point where he was flinging his back leg, trying to scrape the thing off. I went j. And rescued him, he seemed to be like THANK you, it's about time! Lol
There's a slight chance that he may have eaten a silkworm. It was on a vine, I went to unpack my new humidifier, and now I can't find the silky anywhere, so he may have finally eaten it. I hope so.
Anyways, that's my update. :)
Now for the question: you guys have to tell me how to post pictures!!!


When you go to post a response, scroll down to "additional options". Click "manage attachments" and from there you can upload pictures from your computer or a website. Wait until all of your photos' names show up in the box in the middle of the attachments window and then close the window. When you post your response, the pictures will show up at the bottom. :)

It's a good idea to preview your post before submitting it.


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Kay I'll try to post some pictures I took to get you guys' opinions on condition and approximate age, etc. And of course so you can tell me how cute he is ;) lol
Oh forget it, boooo it's not letting me cause I'm on my phone. That sucks, now I'll have to wait til I can load them to my computer and whatnot, which won't be til after work tomorrow! Wahh. :(


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Congrats on the new Cham! I remember when I got my ambilobe, I was watching him for like the entire day! What species did you get? Ill c ome back tomorrow to check out those pics


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Thanks. :)
He's a little flapneck. I'm not sure of age, I was hoping for help determining that, I made a different post about it with size measurements in the meantime until I can get some pictures up - 2.5 inch body, maybe 6 all include. tail, so any guesses folks?


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There is a little insert image button at the top of the reply box, it looks like a mountain with a yellow background.

COngrats! He sounds just lovely and I'm very happy for you. It sounds like he is settling in great.


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Thanks for the congrats everybody! :D I'm really excited. I hated having to go to work today, and leave him. lol.
That mountain button needs a URL, I don't have any hosting site yet, just the Pics in my phone still. I thought stupid iPhones were supposed to be soooo amazing and versatile... Lol.
Anyways, yeah, thanks. He's soo adorable, I'm super smitten. :) I can see how they'd get attentioned to death though. It IS really hard to look away! Lol. But I know he's sensitive, I am giving him his personal space. Haha.


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Here's a couple of pictures.


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