Hova Bator Light?


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Well I am incubating my chameleon eggs with a Hova Bator incubator, well there is a red light and it comes on and goes off? is that normal for one? Please if anyone knows get back to me as soon as you can!



I belive its letting you know when it's heating. you need to watch your temp very careful you don't want it getting to hot.
The red light indicates that the heating element is on. What you want to do is buy a min/max in/outdoor temp meter from Lowe's ($12-15) and place the probe inside of the incubator. See what temp is being maintained inside and then adjust the thermal disk up or down with the bolt depending on if the incubator is at the right temp or not.

You will get temp swings... and you can't cool the incubator. So if ambient temps rise above your target temp, the inside will get warm as well.


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One way of looking at it- if the red light goes out you probably have a problem and if it stays on constantly without blinking you probably have a problem too. Not heating or heating too much, respectively.
It's a lot easier to look at a glowing indicator light than it is to open the incubator and touch the heating coil to make sure it's turning on. :rolleyes::p


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Thanks I will be getting a heat probe, I think my mom's friend has one that he no longer uses for his iguana, but I will see if he will let me use it for the eggs. If not I will go out to WalMart and look for one, we don't have a Lowe's or a HomeDepot in my area.
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