housing R.temporalis with R. brevs

i just recieved 4 pygmy chameleons wild caught. i have a pair of brevs and 2 female temps. is it safe to house keep the together or should i set up 2 different tanks for them. becuase the are wc i want to keep the least amount of stress on them. they are all eating fine and are very active. i think one of the temps is gravid
We have had 3 brevs and 2 temps living together in a 55 gal tank for several months now and they seem to be doing great. They share trees and vines together at times. The one thing that does stand out is that the male brev stays off by himself, away from the others. But that is probably quite normal. He seems to have his own little territory and the others don't bother him. These 5 that we have are only a couple of months old now, though, so I cannot attest to whether things change when they reach breeding age.
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