Housing 2 jackson females/ need some advice


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hello everyone, i have 2 female jackson chameleons both alittle under a year old and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this. right now there sleeping soundly. the cage is about 2' wide by 2' high. they seem to be doing well together so far but i'll see in the morning if it is still so. just looking for some advice on experienced chameleon keepers. thank you :) :confused:


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chameleons should not be housed together. They should be put in seperate cages. They can become stressed out from one another and not show signs of illness until it is too late. That cage is also too small to even house one chameleon.

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I am not going to say you should not house them together because by some miracles people have great success with them. Here is my story though...

My very good friend was housing two Jacksons together, a female and a male(which although you have two females is the same concept) went well for the first couple of months. They had no problems everything was great. Then her Male took a huge plummet one day. He was dehydrated, skinny, and became malnourished...The other chameleon starved him and prevented him from moving across the cage and he ended up dying a three days later after a vet visit gaping away in my friends hand as he died.

Just something to think about before you house them much longer.


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I think the only possible way to keep 2 together is if they are in a very big cage...2 feet high is barely high enough for one adult Jacksons. So, yes, a second cage is probably the first order of business.

Here's a link to a care sheet put together by one of the board sponsors: http://www.jacksonschameleoncaresheet.com/

I hope you find that helpful.


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I agree absolutely should NOT be housed together and also you need a larger cage preferably a 2x2x4 for each one. They are solitary animals and do not do well when housed together.


this is a yes and no kind of question. when i had jacksons i had them both in the same cage and they did fine. the cage you have them in now is way to small get something bigger like a 2'x2'x4' cage. but keep a close eye on them this will give them enough room to have their own space the only thing you will have to worry about is making sure they both get enough to eat cause if one is more dominate she might take all the munchies. jacksons tend to stay on the small size so if you can get that big a cage that should be fine just keep an eye and like i said moniter their eating plus their additudes toward each other. if they start bugging then seperate but like i said i had to jacksons before and they did fine with each other and never showed stress or fought with one another. best of luck and keep us informed!!!


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A 2x2x4 cage is minimal for a single jax IMHO. The gender doesn't matter at all. Some females can be bigger bullies than males.


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thanks everyone for all the advice and im thinking of just keeping them in my free range rather then the little cage. the free range is obviously alot bigger and would be best imo cause i hate having them all cooped up in a small cage.
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