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Time for me to ask a question :D . Does anyone know a good supplier of house flies as feeders? I've searched the net quite a bit and have only found one.
I know of a few, but haven't ordered any. I don't mind cockroaches, but the idea of maggots just grosses me out! Maybe eventually. Anyhow, here are the sites that I am familiar with: (under "Other Products.") (cute names for maggots, look under "Tiny Wigglers" and "Live Cocoon Capers.")

These guys sell a flightless housefly, but they are a bit expensive.

Thank you Heika! I had a customer looking for some and I was drawing blanks. I can't stand maggots. I know the feeling (I have a childhood story regarding maggots that left a phobia lol). But, larvae for fruit flies and even wax worms remind me of them whenever I look at them, so maybe I've been desensitized :p . Who knows... I might give it a try since they are supposed to be pretty nutritious and might give my breeders some fun watching them fly around the cage to catch. But, at least I have the information for my customer!

Thank you!
you can get your own!!
get a peice of fish and leave it outside for maybe 2 nights and you will see eggs!!!
(not that i have tried):D :D
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