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House Flies For Sale

Discussion in 'Sponsor News' started by Vegas Chad, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Vegas Chad

    Vegas Chad Avid Member

    We have house fly cups for sale; each cup will have 200-300 fly pupae in them which should hatch inside a week. Shipping will be priority mail; that should run $5-$10 bucks; the fly cup itself is $5. House flies are AWESOME enrichment feeders for your chameleons, babies love them and adults will chase them down inside the cage. If you have never fed flies before you have to try it. :) Shoot me an E-mail for a shipping quote.
  2. insert name here

    insert name here New Member

    Would they be a suitable size for a smaller pygmy chameleon?
  3. Vegas Chad

    Vegas Chad Avid Member

    That just depends on how small... We do feed our pygmy chameleons house flies. If the pig is rather small you might want to stick with FF and small Crix.
  4. gwilliams

    gwilliams New Member

    House Fly

    Is is possible to order some of your house flies? I'd say one container for now? And pay by PayPal?


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