hornworms, silkworms, and phoenix worms


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okay so the exotic pet store i work at just got our shipment of worms.

we got litttttttttle tiny baby horn worms, not even an inch long.
would my cham be able to eat it?

their both about 2- 2 1/2 months old. but their still tiny.

and also phoenix worms, it says here on the box thing that their only fed calcium and their good for babies and stuff. would that be too much calcium for my chams?
hornworms are very softbodied and they should have no problem with them and phoenix worms/reptiworms are a fantastic feeder no worrys on overcalciuming them with feeders:D
My Cham baby Nosy Be at 2 months was eating baby horns and silks but the worms grew faster than he was eating. I ended up with a tub of hornworms that outweighed my baby cham. LOL
Well i have a pod of 25 or so and i have 2 baby chams and a baby bearded so i will distribute it out lol hopefully they dont grow so fast,
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