hornworm pupae


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I have 3 hornworm cocoons or pupae. How long does it take for these guys to morph into moths? They have been like this for about 2 weeks or so. They are still moving in them so they are not dead. Also what should I be keeping them in? They are only in a plastic container right now. I read I should put the coccons in some soil. Also what should I do with the moths? Can I feed them to Irwin or can I put them in his cage?
You can just leave them in the box without problem. Make sure they have good ventilation.

You can definatley feed them to your cham. They may not be worth much nutritional value however as they cannot eat as moths and they used the majority of their energy spinning into the cocoon and hatching.
You could try breeding them :)

That'd be a cool side project. Although it'll probably just compound the issue. You'll end up with tons of feeders, but most of those will probably just cocoon up before you can feed them off. I'd still try it though!
If you are alreasdy at that oint of cacoons I would try to have them breed and hopefully have some nice feeders for your animal... The moths can drink with a deal that looks like a antenna (sorry for my ignorance and no spell check here) but there is a chance that they will breed??? Do some searches on here under the catagory of feeders there is some info on breeding Hornworms...Im trying my hand at Dubia Roaches as soon as they come in the mail today thanks Matt.
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