hornworm moths

My manduca sexta moths are starting to merge out. They don't seem to be moving or flying much at all. They look rather sad :-( Right now they are at 70-72 degrees and I have two containers of sugar water mixed at a 1 to 1 ounces of sugar and water. I haven't seen them drink or even move or fly at all since emerged a day ago. What am i missing?
LOL!!!! Nevermind! I went to check on them and picked a few of them up. I starting putting them near one another and they that's when it happened. They swarmed up into a frenzy of flapping wings. I laughed so hard they starting fluttering all over me and the inside my small laundry room. I found the best way to grab them was to cup them into my hands and lightly throw them into the breeding box as if I was throwing a lite softball. LOL! I decided they need more vines and things to crawl on so after letting them sit for a while I peeked back in and the male is chasing around the female. I think this is a good sign. :)
They are nocturnal. ;) You can try to warm them up a bit (low 80's) and nudge them. Other than that, you can always hold them by a main wing and they will go crazy. :D
I haven't seem them breeding yet! Do they breed briefly or do they stay connected for a period of time? What can I do to help them get in the mood...?
You might not catch them breeding. It can be brief or a long time. I've had some moths/butterflies mate for a few minutes and others more than a day!
I'm still not having much luck with these guys. I've lost two males already. (I'm guessing they are males as they are larger?) I haven't seen them mate at all nor have I seen any of them attempt to drink the sugar water. Anyone have any experience with these guys? What's missing...?

They are suppose to lay their eggs on a host plant such as a tomato plant.

I did sex them when they were in the pupa state and I have two females that have emerged and four males. Still no eggs...
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Have you tried to hand pair them? I told you how in the last PM I sent. :)

It's very easy and efficient!
Have you tried to hand pair them? I told you how in the last PM I sent. :)

It's very easy and efficient!

Hand pair them? May I inquire as to what this is? I am expecting some hornworm moths here in a week or so. I'm excited, but also feel that I need to learn more. With these little testy fellows, I feel that the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know... friggin paradoxes :confused:
No luck with them really. I only found 1 small egg attached to a tomato leaf. :-( I tried the hand pairing but I no success... They never drank from the provided water/sugar mixture and most died without ever uncoiling their 'tubes.'
Hand pairing is when you don't trust/want to leave the moths/butterflies to do their thing. It ensures that they have mated, so you know for sure. Basically, you take a male and female in each hand (by the base of the wings,) make a 90-ish degree angle with their bodies, and touch their 'butts' together. The male will usually latch right on! Make sure their legs are facing eachother (so if you set them down, they both can attempt to walk around.) otherwise it's probably not gonna to happen. :)

There's a video on YouTube I think.
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