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Ive been watching Rufus to see how he likes his new cage and I noticed that every once in awhile he will go up to the screen and stick his horns threw it. His head is molting so I thought maybe he is trying to itch but Im worried he is going to hurt himself. Is this type of thing normal when they shed?
Mine usually just rub their heads on the branches. This is one reason I always throw some real branches in there. They have good texture and are hard. Seems to do a good job when they rub on it for getting their skin off. Large holes in screen can sometimes confuse them too. They most likely have limit peripheral vision. So looking looking threw a big hole might make them think they can keep going. Should get the hang of the cage if that is the case. I guess he could sustain an injury but I would think not. My male veiled has a huge head. When I see him move about the cage sometimes he hits it on stuff and move accordingly to get out/around the obsticale. The two Jacksons I have had never really did anything like that or had problems with their horns. The horns are actually skin so damage if any will heal itself should it ever occur. Sometime in extreme cases vets will cut the horns if they are growing problematic.
I believe the birth date I was told was 5/1/06. So not that old yet. His casque is a little under 4" from the mouth line to the top. That is just an eye ball guess. I tried to measure him did not turn out to well. He would not uncoil his tail all the way and got increasingly more pissed as time went on. It looked to be 20". He is a pretty big SOB.

I have been trying to get some pictures of him and maybe put one in the photo contest. He really just will not cooperate. His colors have just gotten so vibrant the past three months.
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