Hornedworm food question


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Hello all, I ran into a problem. I ran out of Hornedworm food today, my question is there anything I might have laying around that is safe to feed to them while I wait for the food I ordered today to get here (probably Wednesday).

Stuff I have laying around:
Cricket Food
Raspery Gecko Food
Fruit Fly mix
Rabbit Food
Turtle and Tortoise Food
Collard Greens
I believe they will eat Mulberry leaves like the silks. Do you have access to a tree in your neighborhood? I have never had to try it but think I read that on here before. I maybe wrong on this but you could always consult where you get your horns from. I have removed them from the chow before for a couple of days and not fed them to try and slow down their growth and they did not shrivel up and die. I know you said you are out of food until Weds.
Yeah they will eat the same food as a silkworm. Or like carol said either find a Mullberry tree. Or just dont feed them till you get food in. They should be fine. Or if you have tomato plants. But they will be toxic after that. So thats not a good idea;)
I think tomatoes are okay, just not the leaves, correct?tomatoes are on that safe iguana veggie guide list. I got hornworms last week without any extra food, and I threw some greens in there and a couple pieces of tomato and i saw them sucking on the tomatoes, it kept them going long enough to feed them out.
From what ive read tomatos are not good for chams. But I do not know this for a fact. Dont quote me. I dont know. But I would reasearch it more.
Yeah, I'm not sure for sure, and they're not listed as "good" on that iguana list either, they're listed as the "okay for a colour/taste enhancer" (with other veggies as staples) and I know that that iguana list is used as a guideline for gutloading because it lists the calcium/phos ratios & whatnot. So I assumed they were not ideal but safe enough to get me by in a pinch. I am now fully stocked up on hornworm chow, as we all should be if we're buying them regularly, for proper gutloading. :)
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