horn worm pods

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Horn worm pod price list:

1-2 pods - $7.75 each

3-4 pods - $7.25 each

5-8 pods - $6.50 each

9-12 pods - $6.00 each

13-24 pods - $5.25 each

24 - 36 pods - $4.75 each

Each pod comes with at least 14 worms, and enough food to grow 12 of them to their HUGE 4 inch THICK and JUICEY and SOFT SKINNED BODIES!!! J

Email me at [email protected]. Please title subject “horn worms”

Please do not PM me! :)

I accept pay pal, checks and money orders, I do not recommend mailing cash as it’s not safe. Thanks!

Shipping costs depends on amount you buy, not zip code. So please, when messaging me, let me know how many you would like first so I can see how much shipping costs, thanks!


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Sale ends Jan 31st 2011

Buy 4 pods, get each for $6.10

Buy 5,6,7 or 8 pods, get each for $5.40

Buy 9,10,11 or 12 pods, get each for $5.00

Each pod has 14 worms, enough chow to grow 12 of them to 4 inches, and you can let them pupate and hatch out into big nice moths! The 2 remaining worms will still reach a nice fat juicy 3 inch length.

Shipping cost does NOT have to do with zip code, it has to do with size and weight. Here are the shipping prices:

1 pod - $6.00

2,3 pods - $7.75

4,5,6 pods - $10.00

7,8,9, pods - $12.99

10,11, 12 pods - $17.25

Zip code does not matter, this is the price for 2nd day arrival within the U.S. excluding Hawaii and Alaska.
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