hoping to find its locale


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This is my 1st post.Hello everyone.I'm Paul in pa.I just got this panther chameleon last wk for my 14yr old daughter and its doing well.I think its a sambava but can someone please confirm that?My friend thinks it could be a tamatave or sambava.


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Where'd you get it from? Looks pretty east coast to me. I can't say which locale with certainty as you never know unless the breeder is truthful or you are there when they are collecting the animals to be imported.


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I bought it at a reptile show from a guy that sold it to me as a 18 month old panther chameleon for $160.00 plus free lights.I was told that he might be going away.I hope I see him again so I can ask him.


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Maybe he is Tamatave? He's got a lot of white on his face which tends to be more Tam usually but I'm no expert, by any means.
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