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I had to share this. I keep my crickets in various containers on my lanai (screened porch poolside for those non-Floridians). We have tons of these little anoles-and this one just stared at this batch that are in a critter-keeper for an hour. I wish the picture had come out clearer but I took it through the window. :)
I toss them tiny silkworms every once in awhile, but those crickets are bigger than they are!
hah! I have a couple of geckos that hang out on my front porch. Everytime I take my cricket container out to clean, they all gather around and wait for any loose crickets to jump out.
i had the same problem with birds, i used to keep my cricket container outside and the birds would come up to the plastic and peck at it. i never keep them outside anymore after all my crickets died during a rain storm, kinda forgot about them, so now they stay in the garage away from the birds
free meals and drinks

The brown anoles at my place not only take advantage of stray crickets, but the auto mister in the dry season. I also have house geckos raid the cricket bin at night if I forget to put the lid on. Both the anoles and the geckos will eat crickets larger than thier heads. I have also observed that when I am watering the yard, the anoles take advantage of the native florida skunk cockroaches that are forced to surface when the ground gets wet.
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