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I am serious here when I would like some honest input on this decision. Hermie is doing great ... and becoming more and more self sufficient... just put the silk worms in and he does "his job" which I am very happy to say. I LOVE watching him ... he's a joy to watch, and I am very happy for him that he's becoming more and more hands off. We don't even have to remove him for his meds anymore -- he'll open his mouth when the syringe comes in the cage, and we can let him be.

I've been CONSIDERING getting another cham (not getting rid of hermie though!!! In addition to him ... but kept seperate of course!), because I do enjoy them a lot, but I have reservations. I *thought* that I was doing everything right with hermie ... obviously I didn't. I thought that I was doing things right with Corey before hermie ... it turns out that I was doing things wrong, and even though my vet said that she died from a mass that blocked her I feel bad that she didn't get perfect care -- even though i was doing what i had thought was right (I hadn't found you guys yet). I learned a LOT from Corey ... but I don't feel that these gorgeous animals should be learning curves.

I never want to put another chameleon through what hermie went through -- maybe i grew him too fast and I would watch out for that with another one -- but I don't want to be "selfish" and get a chameleon that I'm not up to taking care of.

Does anyone have any opinions? truthfully ... I want to be a good "chameleon mom" but for some reason it sure hasn't seemed like it's worked out that way thus far.

obviously you're going to try your best to take care of them, that being said ithink before you buy another cham just make a check list of everything you will need....do some research and make sure you have everything set, and safe for your next addition.Check everything over twice than bring your new addition home, you should be fine.

Some of the biggest hurdles to a long term healthy chameleon are knowing their specific requirements and realizing that they are delicate animals that do not leave much room for error. After your experience with Hermie and the obvious dedication you put into his recovery, I think you understand a lot of this. If this is something you want to do and you can provide the needed variables to create the environment needed, then I would do it.

I would, however, be worried about a new chameleon developing similar problems to Hermie. I would suggest taking a new look at diet, setup, and related husbandry issues to make sure you are doing everything correctly. A healthy veiled or panther from a respected breeder should do fine given the proper setup and diet.
I feel you may want to hold out for a little bit. Get Hermies Bill of Health signed and in the bag. Then If you can do it, and are up for another. I say do it. These are amazing animals. I compliment you on your care of a sick Cham, it is an inspiration.

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