Holding Veiled Chameleons


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I'm new to the forum but I love it and check out new things every day! I'm wondering if it's safe to touch/hold my veiled chameleon Zazu.. He let me hold him once and crawled all over me (after I cleaned out his terrarium) but when I have tried again he puffs up so I back off. Is it bad to try and hold him? Will this stress him out?
Open ur cage and grab him when he climbs out, and put a plant next to his cage and grab em when he climbs on it, doesn't stress them as much when their not cornered.
cameleons by nature are a solitary creature and many do not like to be touched, but there also lots, like my Camo that love human contact. i suggest trying onse and awhile to handle him, but do be carefull not to stess him out. over time he may get used to you, also hand feeding can help gain trust.
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