hissing roaches..

i have had chameleons for some time now...in this time i have expanded from just crickets to five other feeders not including cockaroaches! so i am interested now in feeding my bigger panthers some hissing roaches...i know where to get them, but how big*small medium, large. what gender also!

what r ur guys opinion on these roaches?

I actually breed them and feed them to my animals. Just make sure your Chams are big enough to eat the Hissers. I tried to feed my male a big Hisser and he freaked. I tried a smaller adult a few minutes later and he gobbled it down quick.

I've had hissers, orange spotted, and lobsters. I see no benefit to having hissers over the other two that I've tried when it comes to panthers. In fact, I no longer raise hissers. Blaptica dubia, the Guyana Orange Spotted Roach, is a good size for panthers. The nymphs aren't as tiny as the lobsters and the adults aren't nearly as (overly) big as hissers. The fully grown ones can be eaten by a big panther. Their legs don't have the dangerous spikes as hissers do either. They aren't glass climbers like hissers and lobsters and they don't smell much at all. Lobsters, when full grown are a perfect size for panthers. The newborn lobster nymphs are very tiny though.

Don't be surprised if your panther doesn't like any roach. Some go crazy for them and others ignore them...

If anyone wants to stop by my house (Manhattan Beach) and pickup a free starter batch of lobsters or dubia, just let me know :). I almost always have too many. You can buy some W.E.R. gutload from me at cost too! Sorry, no shipping available. (Three-day weekend!)
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