Hindue Rope plant?? Hoya Compacta. safe plant> simple ?s


well this is most deff related to the hoya vine so just wondering if yall thought this was a safe plant for my goat of a Chameleon..he has already ate this plant. lol i had a low toxic plant in his cage earlier this evening, and notice he took a whole leaf off and ate it. hmm didnt think he would do that. so i took it out. it was a glacier hedera. that was my fault. should have know with the veiled.. o and he will not leave the dirt alone. even finds the tiniest of cracks between rocks. i think im just going to let him do his thing.
Wouldn't you be concerned that your cham might climb up it and disappear? :D

Not such a simple question, no idea if its toxic or not, but here's a simple answer for you, given your lizard eats plants....."If in doubt, dont!" :)

A bit late to ask since you already have your lizard on it.
lol your funny. and yeah a lil late. but just thinking its pretty much the same plant as the vine just way cooler :) and i found it on the safe list.. just not to straight forward about that one plant.
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